Our experts hold the qualifications necessary for the elaboration of various biodiversity studies, necessary for planning and carrying out specific investments in or near protected areas (Natura 2000 sites, other protected areas).


The services provided by the CCAT team in the field of biodiversity include:


  1. Biodiversity inventory: identification of species and habitats of community and national interest located within the perimeter of the analyzed areas;
  2. The Biodiversity monitoring plan – has the role of providing a basis for long-term assessment of biodiversity status in the areas analyzed and the effectiveness of implementing protection measures. The monitoring includes both assessments of the basic condition of biodiversity in the analyzed areas, and of the impact produced by making the proposed investments, but also of other forms of resource use (agriculture, grazing, etc.). Assessing the status of biodiversity resources over time, the monitoring plan also includes pressures and threats;
  3. The biodiversity monitoring reports represent the result of the monitoring activity in order to identify the habitats and the flora and fauna elements from the locations proposed for the realization of certain investments.