Our specialists have a rich experience in creating environmental documentation for projects promoted by both individuals and legal entities, as well as for institutions, with accreditations for the preparation of documents required by the competent authorities in the field of environmental protection.


The environmental services provided by our experts include:


   Elaboration of the technical documentation (environmental reports) for obtaining the environmental approval.
*The document issued by the public authorities for environmental protection confirming the compliance with the provisions in force regarding the environmental protection in a plan, program, etc.;

  Preparing the documents necessary for obtaining the environmental agreement.
*The act issued by the public authorities for the protection of the environment necessary for the beneficiary who wishes to carry out a project that can have an impact on the environment: notifications, presentation memories, reports to the impact assessment study on environment;

  Supporting the institutions in order to obtain the environmental authorization.
*The act issued by the public authorities for environmental protection, which specifies the parameters and conditions that an activity with a possible impact on the environment must fulfill in order to be started: presentation sheets, statements, environmental balances (level 0, level 1 or level 2);

  Realization of the documentation in order to issue the integrated environmental authorization.
*The document issued by the public authorities for the environmental protection that allows the exploitation of an IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) installation in accordance with the legal obligations in force: application forms , location reports;

  Elaboration of the studies of water management necessary to obtain the approval of water management.
*The necessary act for the achievement of new investment objectives, for the development and modernization of water processes and installations, the management of dangerous substances that can reach the ground or surface waters and / or the authorization of water management.
The act necessary to achieve new objectives or the functioning of already existing objectives, near water sources and management of dangerous substances or other activities that could adversely affect the ground or surface water;

  Elaboration of the specific documentation for obtaining the agreement to retrieve the domestic waste water in the public sewerage networks;

  Drawing up the documentation regarding the risk of pollution.
*analyzing the probability of the occurrence of conditions that have as effect the pollution of the environment as a result of the development of some activities or projects;

  Conducting environmental audits: enterprise audit, environmental policy audit, activity sector audit, compliance audit, pre-acquisition audit, etc.

  Carrying out studies for the identification of solutions for pollution and ecological reconstruction;

  Making noise measurements and noise pollution reports;

  Proposing solutions for waste management;

  Providing consultancy for environmental issues on general or specific topics.

  Taking over the responsibilities regarding waste management in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 211/2011 regarding waste management;

 Determining the basis of taxation regarding the obligations to the Environment Fund;

  Verification of the way of achieving the annual objectives of recovery and recycling of packaging waste according to their type and the reflection of this procedure in the supporting documents attesting the fulfillment of these obligations (invoices, accompanying notices and waste transport documents);

  Evaluation and classification of economic operators in the category of recovery and recyclers in order to fulfill the obligations to the Environmental Fund;

  Assistance in carrying out the inspection and control procedure carried out by environmental authorities (Environmental Guard, Environmental Fund Administration);

  Correlation of fiscal and accounting legislation with environmental legislation;

  Periodic bulletin on environmental legislation;

  Examining (auditing) the activity of companies to establish the improvements that can be made and to ensure compliance with environmental legislation within the organization;

  Identifying the best ways to improve the legislative framework and elaborating the proposals for amending / completing the environmental protection legislation;

  Communication with the regulatory authorities in the field of environmental protection and other central and local public authorities;

 Assistance and representation in procedures and litigation on environmental issues