CCAT experts are able to provide legal advice and assistance services on environmental protection legislation, on several components:

– specialized consultancy regarding the environmental obligations provided in the legislation applicable to the clients activity field;

– inventory of regulatory documents that clients are obliged to obtain before starting an activity or investment project: environmental permits, environmental agreements, environmental authorizations, integrated environmental agreements, integrated environmental authorizations, clearing authorizations, etc.;

– legal assistance for the preparation of the necessary documentation for obtaining the regulatory documents in the field of environmental protection;

– legal assistance granted to clients in relation to public environmental authorities during the course of the procedures for issuing regulatory acts in the field and, in general, in matters related to the provisions of the environmental legislation applicable to their activity;

– consulting regarding the compulsory contributions of clients to the environmental fund, depending on the specific activities carried out;

– consulting provided for the legal representation of clients in cases having as object provisions of environmental legislation;

– representation of clients in commercial relations that are subject to the provisions of environmental legislation (eg: contracts between companies regarding site decontamination services, sanitation services, hazardous waste evacuation and neutralization services, etc.);

– consultancy and assistance provided to individuals, legal entities and public authorities in order to obtain non-reimbursable financing offered through the Environmental Fund or through Structural Instruments 2014-2020, as well as during the implementation of the projects thus financed;

– writing and assistance in resolving disputes by administrative means or before the competent courts.


aj1   Administrative law 

In this field, the services that CCAT consultants can offer cover the following aspects:

– legal advice and assistance in relation with public authorities for the negotiation and conclusion of public-private partnerships;

– legal advice and assistance in order to obtain the administrative documents necessary to carry out the activity of clients from central and / or local authorities;

– consulting for the legal representation before the administrative litigation courts, in disputes having as an object the annulment or the issuing of administrative acts, especially of the regulatory ones in the field of environmental protection;

                                                   – the promotion of draft decisions and the offer of consulting in order to represent the clients in approving the urban planning plans necessary for the development of the investment projects.