Public procurement managers offer clients consulting services specific to this field. Public procurement advice is addressed both to contracting authorities organizing procurement procedures and to potential bidders in public procurement procedures.




Public procurement services include:

For contracting authorities:
  – Assistance in establishing the procurement procedures to be applied, depending on the specifics of the works / products / services to be contracted and the estimated value of the contracts;

– Assistance in the elaboration of the awarding documents (specifications, data sheets, forms, etc.);

– Assistance provided to the beneficiaries in order to organize the public procurement procedures, following the observance of all the legal provisions in force, from the publication of the announcement of the organization of the procedure until the signing of the contract with the winning bidder;


For economic operators:

– Assistance in the elaboration of standard documents and technical and / or financial tenders requested for participation in a public procurement procedure as a tenderer;

– Throughout the public procurement procedure, we offer you advice, starting with the analysis of the award documents published by the contracting authorities and requesting any clarifications and until the completion of the procurement procedure and signing the contract with the winning bidder.