CCAT experts have experience in supervising works related to projects and investments in the field of environmental protection, being able to provide management services for works contracts (monitoring the physical progress of works compared to the execution schedule), elaboration of procedures manuals for supervision, verification of compliance engineering regulations, quality standards imposed to comply with the specific requirements of each type of investment. Supervision services refer to the observance of the specific legislation in the field of environmental protection, constructions, in the appropriate institutional framework for each project.


sl3In our opinion, the principle on which the services that involve or affect several entities is based is that of cooperation in order to achieve a common goal. This principle applies even more in situations where in addition to the contractual relationship between a client and a consultant there is a third party, the contractor, whose point of view can provide new, unforeseen details about a project. Thus, the supervision services also include offering consultancy in order to modify or adapt the technical solutions to the specific conditions in the field, in due time and in compliance with the legislation in force, when applicable.



mp2The works supervision services can be offered continuously, throughout the execution time of the works, until the issuing of the reception certificates at the completion of the works, as well as intermittently, during the period of notification of defects, or at certain moments or stages of the projects, in depending on the type of investment and the clients’ requests.



CCAT experts know the contractual conditions and the FIDIC type procedures – Red and Yellow Books, being able to offer specific consultancy to the beneficiaries of such works contracts.